Staff Paging

JTECH Communications developed SmartAlert® to provide a host of businesses with versatile and discreet on-site messaging options. The SmartAlert transmitter provides a robust and powerful communications “backbone”, with a full two watts of power; enough to provide complete coverage in most facilities.

Individual pager unit
Individual pager unit
SmartAlert System Components

  • Master Transmitter
  • 4-Key Push Button Micro-transmitters
  • 1-Key Push Button Micro-transmitter
  • InstaCall® Alphanumeric Pagers
  • Optional 900MHz Repeaters

One facet of the SmartAlert system is the StaffComm™ “Push Button” messaging solution. StaffComm is an ideal fit for a variety of businesses such as grocery stores, hotels, medical facilities, department stores and more. These wireless micro-transmitters are available in single and four-key models that can be programmed with user-defined messages tailored to any business application. The telephone interconnect option also adds coded numeric staff messaging capabilities from any phone on your PBX system.

The portable StaffComm micro-transmitters place discreet, detailed communication at your fingertips. You can use StaffComm to signal either a single person or a specific group, which allows you to quickly mobilize staff to effectively manage the repetitive tasks which are vital to your business. StaffComm will also improve your customer service. Connect your clients with ease and simplicity, and improve your business’ response time by empowering customers and guests with immediate access to key staff.

Additional Advantages

  • Eliminate disruptive and annoying overhead PA noise
  • Direct key staff members to specific areas discretely
  • Provide immediate, detailed and actionable information
  • Improve customer service and develop a loyal client base
  • Easily add coded numeric messaging from any phone extension

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